Global Payments

Mondo is a fully integrated online payment platform, built specifically to streamline and execute the delivery of international payments.

Streamline FX payments

International payments can come with significant transaction fees that can add up quickly, particularly if you need to send or receive money transfers on a regular basis. When routing payments through banks, you can expect to pay an average of $40 per transaction on your end and another $10 to $20 for incoming wire fees. This is especially problematic for smaller transactions, which are becoming more common in today’s gig economy. Furthermore, as international wires use corresponding banking channels, each bank may take a cut of the transaction amount, resulting in an unpredictable and potentially unsatisfactory customer experience.

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Comprehensive overview

Our trading platform provides a comprehensive overview of global markets and real-time data, empowering clients to make informed investment decisions.

User preferences

Optimize your trading experience with our platform’s customizable interface, personalized alerts, and user-friendly design based on your preferences

24/7 FX market access

You can integrate our online payment platform with your system to provide your customers with our foreign exchange and international transfer services, thereby generating additional revenue for your business. Our services are available round the clock.


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Monitor the status of live and historic FX trades and view reports

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Instruct new FX trades and onward payments to third-party recipients

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Filter by FX trades, add and edit beneficiaries and create onward FX payment instructions


Mondopay Support

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